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 Apply for a GM

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PostSubject: Apply for a GM   Fri May 22, 2009 5:22 am

Hello this is my aplication to apply as a GM

what can i do in server when im a GM..

►1st:I can advertise the server

►2nd:I can upload video on game and there soo many player join when they see the video

►3rd:I can make topic post on forum`s how to join in game, & how to use hamachi`s becouse some people dont know how to use the hamachi

►4th:I can answer the question`s of the new players on chat box

►5th:I can help on the server problems or new patches new wepons..
and it depends what problem is becouse the other problems on fixing the server i dont know some of them.

►6th:I have an experience for being a GM for Three(3) time`s i am a GM on BabyRAN,DeathJailRAN and zeusRAN

►7th:Im not a badLLy GM or a strickLY GM when u will accept me and not like the other GM on the other server too very StrickLY.

►8th:I will Follow the GM rules..

►9th:Im not going to OP the new players on Chat Box not like on other server they arNt! talk with on chat box if some player ask`s

►10th:Im Going to call my friend to play here and vote this server and make this server #1.

Name:KingVincent O. Montero

Address:cagayan de oro city

Birth date:July,20



Cell Pohne #09097748546

Telepohne #:350-9203

Hope you will accept me to be a [GM] on your server
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Apply for a GM
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